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Below is from their website…

Antica Trattoria, a San Diego authentic, multi-regional Italian dining destination opened in 2001, maintains its reputation with award-winning homemade Italian recipes. The family-owned and operated hidden Italian gem is found in La Mesa ,Antica Trattoria presents fine dining with a pleasant ambiance. Classical Italian dishes and highly-heralded flavorful down-home recipes are prepared by Owner and Chef Francesco Basile, which include these favorites’ Ravioli Montecarlo, the penne alla Norma, the Vittelo, the Brasato all’Antica and so much more! If you ask Chef Basile what his secrets are to exquisite authentic Italian cuisine, he will tell you he uses only the freshest of ingredients in every dish he prepares.

Good Eats San Diego Recommends…



Grilled homemade bread, yellow & red grape tomato, garlic, basil, goat cheese, roasted eggplant, EVOO


Paired with: Vermentino, San Felice, Toscana Italia

Coolness, with subtle citrus in the background


Frittura Mista

Shrimp, calamari and artichoke flash-fried and served with creamy garlic sauce


Paired with: Gavi, Riva Leone, Gavi, Italia

Delicate with intense fruity and lemony notes



Salada Antica

Light dressing and fresh ingredients


Paired with: Sauvignon Blanc, Fernlands, New Zealand

Lime, citrus, green apple, bell pepper, grass and a hint of sweetness



Gnocchi with braised short rib

Home-made potato gnocchi, pomodorini, garlic, spinach, cow milk mozzarella cheese, baked




Hand-cut pappardelle, clams, roasted garlic, Mediterranean olives, EVOO, capers, chili flakes


Both paired with: Sangiovese Blend, “Ciu Ciu” Piceno

Juicy Italian wine, bursting with flavours red fruits



Fettuccine pasta sautéed with smoked salmon & shrimp in a creamy brandy lobster sauce


Cioppino Alla Livornese

Mussels, clams, fresh assorted fish, calamari and shrimp in light tomato herb broth cappers & green olives


Both paired with: Barbera, Riva Leone ’13, Piemonte

Pomegranate, blackberry, nuts, and earth



Chocolate Lava Cake

Topped with vanilla gelato



Topped Ladyfinger crumble


Both paired with:

Marsala, Florio, Sweet

Redolent of ample syrup, brown sugar, almond, pine resin and dried fruit



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Address: 5654 Lake Murray Blvd, La Mesa, CA 91942

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Antica Trattoria

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Antica Trattoria

Antica Trattoria

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